1SMT stapler splice tool:

Usage: 1, press hard to open the two handles of the pliers, so that the lower pressure plate and the bottom plate open, take a piece of copper buckle placed on the two bolts of the copper buckle, pay attention to the correct position of the copper clips, 2, the two disconnected material belt respectively take a end, respectively move the two card material bars parallel to the bottom plate, and then the disconnected material belt is aligned above the copper buckle, and then card the material belt. 3, hold the two handles with your hand, and use even force to close the two handles until the lower pressure plate and the bottom plate are combined into a level, so that the copper buckle will jam the material belt. 4, finally let the two handles open, unscrew the card bar, take out the connected material belt.

1, the principle of stapler, convenient and fast;

2, can be quickly installed on the receiving table, saving time;

3, paper tape, material tape all compatible, good expansibility;

4, the copper plate is easy to install, greatly improve efficiency;

5. Fast and accurate feeding;

2SMT splice tool:

Features: 1, with SMT single-side feeding belt and feeding copper buckle used together, solid and reliable feeding.

2, easy to operate, made of special materials, lightweight products, suitable for female employees in the production line

3, good quality, good fall resistance.

4, long use period, experimental data show that it can knead more than 500,000 times (equivalent to 500,000 materials)

Construction: 1. Upper and lower handle, 2. Steel spring, 3. Reverse gear, 4. Active shaft, 5. Fastening shaft, 6. Bottom plate, 7. Clamp bar (one on each side), 8. Lower press plate, 9. Brass button