The cover tape is mainly divided into self-adhesive cover tape and heat-sealing cover tape, there are anti-static and ordinary, the color is white bright, black and brown. The product material is PET, PS, PC, the length is generally 200 meters and 300 meters. Cover tape with specifications is 5.3 mm / 5.4 mm, 9.3 mm, 13.3 mm, 21.3 mm, 25.5 mm, 37.5 mm, 49.5 mm, 65.5 mm, 81.5 mm, etc., corresponding to the carrier tape of the specifications is 8 mm, 24 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm, 56 mm and 72 mm, 88 mm, etc.,. Heat seal type covers need to be heated in the sealing equipment before bonding. Self-adhesive upper band without heating, directly bonded products. Widely used in IC, capacitor, resistor, connector, micro transformer, inductor, electronic switch, diode, transistor, crystal and other surface patch components packaging, to meet the modern electronic product production of efficient, fast, miniaturization requirements. Suitable for all material belt, uniform density, uniform peeling strength, internal and external layer electron dissipation, with anti-static function!