Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing factory worldwide for many years.we service for PCB production line for many years.we supply almost all kinds of SMT parts for Panasonic, FUJI, YAMAHA ,JUKI ,Samsung machine.including SMT Nozzle, SMT Feeder, Valve, Sensor, Motor, cable connector ,etc. Tell us the exact Model Number, we will get you what you want. Other Models Feeder are in stock,You can choose you need model, high quality is promised, and we can repair some parts,price is favorable. Orders welcome!

SMT NPM machine Nozzle

1001N: N610098969AA

1002N: N610098970AA

1003N: N610098971AA

1004N: N610098972AA

1005N: N610098973AA

161SN: N610126849AA

226CSN: N610119480AB

230CSN: N610119484AB

235CSN: N610119485AB

240CSN: N610119486AB

140N: N610099376AA

184N: N610126914AA

185N: N610119411AA

199N: N610119407AA

230CN: N610119493AB

235CN: N610119496AA

240CN: N610119499AB

5490N: N610128655AA

5435N: N610128601AA