Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.

SMT splicing cart is an innovation of smt splicing technology, it is enables non-stop feedering o SMD carrier tapes, the splicing cart is made of abrasion resistant hard steel. the frame-type brass splice shims can pierce through any smt carrier tape. the frame-type design can save operator's time to fetch splice clip every time, which results in simpler and more efficent splicing.

2,Product Feature:

1,the height is adjustable.

2,Universal wheel desing, easily mobile

3,Storage box is made of ESD material

4,the splice pliers can turn at any direction

5,Storage box for splice tape, splice clips and splice pliers

6,part number: ST381E, ST381J

 Application range:

1)width:paper or Emboss single carrier tape with"8mm-24mm"width.

2)Thickness:paper or Emboss carrier tape,0.3T-1.0T-not necessary to  calibrate the dial thickness adjuster for carrier tape thickness.

3)For compressed soft carrier tape-necessary to calibrate the dial thickness adjuster. Simple&Speedy. General purpose chip mounter,high speed chip mounter.